What is LucentForex?

A trading community accessible to all who share the passion of trading Forex. You will find the sharing of our trading ideas in the form of Live streams, a theoretical training as well as a practical training with daily cases, as well as an accompaniment to guide you.

If I am a beginner, Can I join?

Yes, the training allows any beginner to acquire the basics to start well in the markets, On the other hand, it is strongly advised to practice demo (virtual account) for a little while because you will not have yet the experience required to succeed in your first trades. You can follow our trading ideas in the form of live analysis during your apprenticeship. Our services are accessible to all and whatever your level.

How to join the VIP area?

In order to access to the VIP area, you need to subscribe with one of our subscriptions.

How much for being VIP?

The prices start from €29.97.

Please go to our store page to find out more about the prices.

Do you have free content before you join?

Yes. You can access some trading ideas on our public telegram/discord, but most of our ideas / analytics and other services are reserved for premium members.

What do I need for trading Forex?

For trading Forex, you need a computer or a mobile phone. You also need a trading platform and a broker.

If you do not have a broker yet or a platform please contact us on Instagram or telegram.

What is the minimum amount to start trading Forex?

With Forex trading, your winnings will be based on your initial investment. We recommend an investment between €500 and €1000 dollars. The minimum amount to start is €200.